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Select One Of the Prizes Suggested By KILO’s Facebook Friends.

The Idea.. #1
Bryon B. With $943 I would get skydiving lessons, and then I would parachute down to a casino. At the casino, I go to the roulette table and repeatedly bet all the money on black. After reaching $943,000.00 I would buy a sports car and drive home, then get up and do it all again the next day!

The Prize.. #1
A First Jump For You and a Guest from High Sky Adventures, a Weekend Stay in Cripple Creek, and $300 Cash that You COULD Flip into $943,000!

The Idea.. #2
June B. Concert, Tattoos and Tequila!

The Prize.. #2
4 Tickets To Slipknot and Korn In November, $300 In Fresh Ink, and 4 Bottles of Don Julio Anejo.

The Idea.. #3
Benjamin J Martinez Ammo ammo ammo

The Prize.. #3
$943 In The Ammunition of Your Choosing at Dragon Mans!

THE “RIOT (with Break) FEST”

2 tickets to all 3 days of RIOT REST at Mile High, hotel room at one of those swanky joints that server continental breakfasts, and beer money.. Because it would be a riot without BOOZE!


Copies of all of Robbin Williams’ greatest works.. Like Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire, Popeye, Patch Adams, Awakenings, Toys on DVD or Blue Ray, a stack of his best comedy albums a 42 inch hdtv, a blue ray player, and a puppy and kitten calender to keep you from getting depressed.