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Rock & Roll Saved My Life

I believe that people should be surrounded by good, meaningful art. Here is the newest piece to grace my walls today.   rock_n_roll_saved_my_life

I need my face to look like this, can you do it?

For years I have been threatening to go as Captain F***ing Spaulding for Halloween and this year I really want to do it. But… I don’t have any skills to do makeup like that, I need the jacked up teeth and bald wig to look good too. So are you a badass with a brush? A mistress of makeup? Let me know.  I want to hire you if you’ve got the chops!


This Isn’t Even Anything #5

I take calls all day and night while I am on air. Some of them are amazingly good. Today I share one in my latest This Isn’t Even Anything.