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Happy Thanksbirthdaying

I am one of those lucky people who have a birthday that falls on a holiday, for me it is Thanksgiving, once every 7 years. This year I am turning 50, and as any 50 year old there are only three things I want.

If you feel so inclined to wish me a happy birthday you can drop off packages at Kilo Kontrol during normal business hours. Hate mail can also be sent to the same location.

Peni – er… Mohawk Envy

Recently the Guinness Book of World Records named Kazuhiro Watanabe as the person with the tallest mohawk. It is impressive, I will give you that. But not everyone wants a large mohawk, sometimes a large mohawk is uncomfortable. My mohawk, although smaller than Watanabe’s, is still average. Average is good enough, right? Right?

Hitting the track at PPIR at 160 mph!

Check out this video of me hitting the track with driver Richie Altmann from during the tech inspection for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb from earlier  today!

Behind the Scenes #9: Body Bag

Here at Kilo we have a lot of unique stuff. Like this body bag. Could it have been used? Who knows, all I know is that it is cool as s***!

It doesn’t look like much from this side, but if we turn it over we get this.

In This Moment

Saving Abel

10 Years

Redlight King

Halestorm, New Medicine and Emphatic

And soon we will be adding signatures from the members of Volbeat. Listen to Kilo as we get closer to Halloween and you could be rockin this at your place scaring your friends!

Behind the Scenes #8: The Black Dog

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t know what we are talking about when we reference the Black Dog when we are out and about on the streets. Consider this your primer. The Black Dog is a mythical hell-beast that eats little old ladies for breakfast and is fueled by the souls of small puppies.

THIS is the Kilo Black Dog

NOT the Kilo Black Dog





Behind the Scenes #7: Grab Ass – er, Bag, Grab Bag

Since I’ve been slackin’ on the bloggin’ I decided to take a bunch of pictures from around the station and throw them all up. They don’t all connect, but I think you’ll enjoy them.

Here are two of the four pages in the studio of the Kilo Koncerts headed to the area. I can’t show you the bottom part yet so tune in Monday for some kick ass concert announcements!

Tommy Lee is possibly once of the most famous musicians to have graced the Kilo studios in our 34 years. He also signs wherever the hell he wants too! We recently repainted the building and have to save this section, because you can’t cover up something like this.

This is just a random picture of all the new Kilo shirts we just got in, want one? Just found us out and about at remotes and we’ll hook you up!

We have two production rooms here at the station and in one of them you’ll find these two fine pieces inspiring the jocks!

This last one is the most peculiar of all. This is Ross Ford’s office door. What you may not notice right away are the two spherical discolorations near the top of the picture. I’ll let you guess what those could be from, and I will say that they are about 4 1/2 feet high from the floor. What do you think they could be?

An Unusual Bet

Earlier this week one I was just shooting the s*** with a friend and she said threw an odd bet out at me. She said that she thinks I could get 50 people to bow to me at Kilo remotes in a month. She wins the bet if 50 people bow to me which means I would then have to juggle hedgehogs. I haven’t established what I would get if I win but I am pretty sure I will, I don’t think anyone will be bowing to me anytime soon! As a disclaimer, I was drinking when I agreed to this.

Music Video Blowout!

Here are the music videos for the some of the new rock we’re playing. Make sure that you know what your friends are talking about and watch ‘em!

Behind the Scenes #6: The Kilo Graveyard

There is a large area near the Kilo studios where bad things go to die. I call this place the Kilo graveyard. Among other things buried here there is a giant dismantled satellite dish, an handmade motorized airplane made with materials that may have been illegally obtained at one time, probably a few hidden stashes of coke and what appear to be human sized boxes that are heavy and nailed shut. I’m not saying that there are former jocks partially buried out there, but I’m also not saying that there aren’t any either. Some of the more unusual looking pieces are these heavy as f*** concrete pillars.

Unless you’ve been in the business you may not recognize what these are. These pillars used to reside in the Kilo studio and turntables were placed on top. If the turntables were to be placed on an average surface someone might bump into them on accident and then there would be skipping, we couldn’t have that on air! So these mighty monoliths were used to make sure that there would never be an interruption in the music, no one was bumping these puppies. One of them even has a born on date.

This pillar is almost 27 years old. I think we’re going to have to plan a special surprise for it’s birthday this year, what do you think?

Behind the Scenes #5: Living Dead Man

Rob Zombie is one of my favorite artists. I love his music and I love his movies. Here at Kilo we have a few things Zombie that I thought I’d share with you.

Here is a White Zombie poster that is autographed.

Here is a tour poster from 2006.

And here is another poster for Educated Horses, you can even see an old school Kilo sign in this one! Rock on Mr. Zombie!