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“ROTR” Double-Shot

Suggest a winning Rock-On-The-Range Double-Shot and I’ll qualify you and 3 friends for the “fly-away give-away” Thursday May 1st.


Text or e-mail it here. Good Luck. Good Weekend. \z/

Gravity #80

I was not aware;

Tomorrows Friday. Can’t complain.

Gravity #79

Couple of GoPro back-flips from Red Bull’s “Rampage” last year;

KILO’s “Rock-On-The-Range” started this morning… Caller 9 anytime we play any of the bands today. Also giving away copies of “La Gargola” the new album from Chevelle. Rock Lunch today serves up Rock Bottom Brewery… A lotta Rock today… \z/

Jane’s #41

Picked this up a few months ago;


416/450 Matt Goldman. This was one of the few shows with Duff on Bass.

When You Point Your Finger At Someone

Three are being pointed at you.

Point with all your fingers straightened.

Rock Lunch today rocks Pueblo. Angelo’s Pizza Parlor and tickets to the Black Sheep show Friday night… \z/

Stolen Ancient Chinese Proverb #5

Woman who cooks carrots and peas in same pot is not sanitary.


Rock Lunch today serves up a pair of tickets to the new comedy flick “Bad Words” at Regal Theater and the new disc from Devour The Day. \z/