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Pic of the Day

dragon pumpkin

Just for the record, there won’t be anything near this cool on my front porch this Halloween

Pic of the Day

Real Monsters

Cool costume, but honestly the best part of this picture is how ashamed that dog looks to be owned by this guy…

Pic of the Day

wolvereine batman trip

Something to make you think a little on a Friday, Bub.

Pic of the Day

Mario Kart


This game started so many fights between my brother and I that it was banned from our house for over ten years…


Pic of the Day

Dicks Cocks

Isn’t anybody checking where this stuff is placed before tossing it up on your screen??

Pic of the Day

Work Raptors

Everybody knew to use the chain on the doors at work, but nobody told the new guy…

Pick of the Day


And they’ll run, they’ll run so far away….. Go Broncos!