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Best Of The Web 7.24.14

botw33) Next up…Thousands Shall Scratch A Chalk Board

2) What If Baby Goats Had A Thirst For Human Blood? Not So Cute Now, Huh?

1) Do You Bother Asking Where He Keeps The Drugs? 


Best Of The Web 7.22.14


3) Fancy Running Into You Here…..

2) Cant Beat ‘Em? Terrorize ‘Em…

1) If At First You Succeed, Do Not Try Again….


7/22 Rock Report *Bonus*

94.3 KILOs Rock Report w/Sid Black Monday through Friday @ 1030 pm

Godsmack has released another single off of their upcoming record 1000 Horse Power.  The tune called “Generation Day” is a 6 minute jam and is the second tune off the upcoming record following the title track.  1000 Horse Power will be available world-wide August 5th…